Open Thread: Pitch Us Your Ideas For a BOBA FETT Movie

What will happen next to the most well-digested bounty hunter in the STAR WARS universe?

As you've certainly heard by now, Lucasfilm is moving forward with its Boba Fett spin-off movie. Logan director James Mangold is in the captain's chair, co-writing with X-Men uber-producer Simon Kinberg, and while there's no word yet on when we might actually see Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story (or whatever it ends up being called), we're guessing it won't be for a while: both Kinberg and Mangold are going to be tied up with other projects for the foreseeable future. 

That's good news, because it gives us plenty of time to decide what they should do with Boba Fett's first solo adventure. As you'll see below, Team BMD has its own ideas for this project, but we're also interested to hear your take. Read on to see what we've come up with, and then hit the comments below to pitch your own Boba Fett movie.

The only requirement? Make it interesting.

"My Boba Fett pitch: a Waiting For Godot-style existential stage play that transpires inside the Sarlacc’s stomach. As Boba’s slowly digested, he discusses the nature of existence with a half-dissolved ex-storm trooper named Sal, who was executed after racking up gambling debts in Jabba’s lair. Hugh Jackman plays Boba, of course. Christian Bale plays the stormtrooper." -- Jacob Knight

"It's an anthology movie, told by Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) as he drinks heavily with other underworld types aboard Jabba's sail barge. He tells a string of stories about the adventures he went on in his prime (in which he's played by The Dead Lands' James Rolleston, if his post-car-crash rehab works out), only his narration doesn't jive with the flashbacks. In his boastful voiceover, he takes all the credit for other people's work (take your pick from Star Wars' bounty hunter gallery, and in the case of Solo's capture, Darth Vader), whereas in the flashbacks he's constantly playing second fiddle, basically coasting on his family name and formidable armour as various partners do the work. The movie ends as the blind-drunk Boba goes out to defeat Luke Skywalker, in a Pit of Carkoon sequence retold from this utterly useless bounty hunter's perspective. Then, just before the cut to credits, as he starts to be digested, he launches into telling his final fictional tale, to the Sarlacc itself. Everyone cries. It makes a billion dollars and wins Best Picture." -- Andrew Todd

"Boba Fett fucks." -- Scott Wampler

"It's many years after the events of the Original Trilogy. Bounty hunters are near extinct. Boba has escaped from the Sarlacc, but he wanders Tatooine without purpose, taking on odd jobs as a luxury barge driver to get enough money to take his ailing older mentor, a man who reminds him of Jango Fett, offworld. But when a Twi'lek nurse brings a young clone to him and promises a bounty to drive them to Mos Eisley on the other side of the planet, Boba refuses. However, when the Twi'lek ends up dead at the hands of the Hutts, Boba realizes he bears some marked similarities in personality to the young clone, and the two form a bond as they flee across the planet to their mutual salvation. BOBA. A James Mangold Film." -- Leigh Monson

"A Sixth Sense-ian thriller where Boba seems to have survived his fall into the sarlacc pit and redeems himself as a total badass, only to learn no, he still just fell in a pit and died like a total chump. Eventually it turns out it was all just his dying hallucination as he was slowly devoured." -- Brian Collins

Alright, gang! You've heard our hastily thrown-together pitches! Let's hear yours!

Who will appear in Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story? What sort of hijinks will Boba get into? Will he ever speak? Who do you envision playing him? Is there any room for Bossk in your version of this movie? Sound off with your best Boba Fett pitch in the comments below.