VIDEO: Before You See SOLO, Take This Trip Down Future-Memory Lane

"Eventually on...SOLO."

If the box office tracking reports are to be believed, a whole bunch of you are going to see Ron Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Story this weekend, and when you do you're going to be exposed to a non-stop parade of callbacks, references and in-jokes to past (read: future) Star Wars installments.

At long last, you're gonna find out (REDACTED). You're gonna learn where Han got (REDACTED). You're gonna hear (REDACTED) say (REDACTED). You're gonna see (REDACTED) meet (REDACTED) for the very first time, and you might even see a (REDACTED)(REDACTED) from (REDACTED).

It's a real whirlwind of Star Wars lore, in other words, and if you're not completely up to snuff on your trivia you may just miss a few things along the way. With that in mind, the Alamo Drafthouse's video department put together a handy little "Eventually on..." video to help bring you back up to hyperspeed.

Check it out below, and be on the lookout for other BMD-related content during the Drafthouse's Solo: A Star Wars Story pre-show!