It’s Official: Jamie Foxx Will Headline The New SPAWN Movie

We're beginning to think this movie's really gonna happen.

Todd McFarlane's been threatening to make a new Spawn movie for years, and for the longest time none of us took those threats seriously. In between the sheer cost of making another Spawn (which we assumed would involve a shit-ton of CGI), the tepid response received by the first Spawn movie (which has not aged well) and the fact that McFarlane seemed determined to direct the film himself (it'd be his first), the whole endeavor just seemed wildly unlikely. Who would bankroll such a thing?

Well, Blumhouse, as it turns out: the company signed a deal with McFarlane last year to get another Spawn movie off the ground, and were even willing to let him direct it. Sure, it'd have to be made on a much smaller budget than the average superhero joint ($10-12M, if all goes according to plan), but apparently McFarlane's script - which is said to treat the heavily-caped superhero as more of a background, boogeyman character than a constant onscreen presence - made that doable. 

And then...nothing. Months and months of nothing. It almost seemed like the project had stalled out yet again, until today: Deadline has just confirmed that Jamie Foxx will headline Todd McFarlane's Spawn, in the titular role. If McFarlane's earlier statements about the project are correct, this means that Foxx's screentime will be limited, which may explain how they were able to land an actor of Foxx's caliber while maintaining that $10-12M budget. 

This is an interesting turn of events! We honestly didn't believe this movie was ever going to happen, but it looks like we were very wrong. Here's hoping that McFarlane's come up with something compelling (to be fair, this writer finds the very idea of a $10M Spawn movie compelling, though your mileage may vary), and that Foxx's latest tour of duty in the superhero genre goes better than it did last time

Stay tuned for more on Spawn as it becomes available.