BMD BLIND ITEMS: The Detective And The Boxer

You heard it here first. Kind of.

From time to time, people whisper interesting pieces of gossip in our ears. More often than not, we're unable to do anything with this scuttlebutt - if it can't be second-sourced, it can't be confirmed, and if it can't be confirmed, we can't report it - but maybe there's another way to pass along these juicy pieces of (again: completely unconfirmed) gossip. Maybe we can have some fun with 'em! Maybe you can guess the movies and people we're describing in the BMD Blind Items below.

BMD Blind Item #1: The Boxer

One doesn’t normally consider fisticuffs a potentially fatal sport – at least not since the days of Jim Braddock – but the update on this pixellated property is definitely tossing a bit of Rocky into the mix with a new main character they’re currently attempting to cast: a Philly fighter who'll compete in an otherworldly bloodsport, the outcome of which will determine the fate of the world and its people. I don’t know about you, but throwing hands probably isn’t the greatest superpower we’ve come to expect from these global saviors (that said, if you tossed Adonis Creed into this arena, he might not get polished off too quick).

BMD Blind Item #2: The Detective 

Superhero team-ups are all the rage these days, and this studio's been quietly trying to launch one particular property for...well, quite some time now! This one almost came together once before only to flame out before getting across the starting line, but this studio's ready to give it another go. They know which characters they want to include, they've got a casting wish-list standing by, and they even know which smoking-hot actor they want playing the lead. If they get him, folks will be excited: it'll be this guy's second foray into the superhero genre (some may've forgotten his first at-bat entirely), and in a role he's long been fan-casted for. And who knows? With a little luck, his past experience in the investigative arts may give him a leg up here. 


Well, we've said all we can say. Got any guesses? Take your best shot in the comments below, and be sure to show your work.