Brace For Impact: The LET THE CORPSES TAN Trailer Has Arrived

Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani's hyper-violent Italocrime riff is here to machine gun your soul.

The films of Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani aren't for everyone. The French duo (who reside and mostly work in Brussels) have been distilling the perverted essence of Italian sleaze (mostly gialli up until this point) into their hallucinatory abstractions Amer and The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears. Those looking for straight ahead slasher whodunits leave sorely disappointed, as Cattet and Forzani seem more interested in creating overwhelming tableaus of nightmare logic - fetish objects for the cult cinema sect. 

With their third feature, Let The Corpses Tan, the married filmmakers take on Italocrime. It's just as dreamlike as their last two works, yet adds many, many machine gun blasts into the mix. Yet for all the bloody violence on display, there are moments of intense beauty (wounds exploding with gold, a woman's dress being torn to shreds in slow motion by a hail of gunfire) that embed themselves in your brain. 

A bunch of us saw this piece of pulp art at last year's Fantastic Fest, where Evan reviewed it, saying: 

"Let the Corpses Tan is a beautiful, experimental and bold take on a rather classic pulp crime story. A group of folks, three of them murderous criminals who just robbed an armed truck, all get locked into a deadly shootout that lasts throughout one long, crazy night. It tells this story through bizarre montages, trips to symbolically related sidebars, curious uses of chronology and perspective, and then straight up compelling action filmmaking. Boiled down to a blurb, it’s like Alejandro Jodorowsky directed Free Fire."

Now, you can glimpse all the action for yourself, thanks to an English language trailer Kino Lorber just cut. Take a look:  

KL will be unleashing this art house gem in the US at the dead end of summer: August 31st. If it's playing anywhere remotely near you, get that ass in the car and go. It's a visceral, intense cinematic experience unlike any you're bound to enjoy this year.