Hollywood’s Latest Attempt to Remake THE CROW Has Gone Up in Flames

You've gotta admit: this is just hilarious now.

Here's a fun game: plug "The Crow" into the search bar on this website, and marvel at the results.

Since 2011, we've written at least 20 articles about Hollywood's continued inability to get a remake of The Crow off the ground (and that's just the articles that've been tagged and indexed properly; I'm certain a few more have fallen through the cracks). Every so often a new actor or writer or director will get attached to the project, only to have it spectacularly implode long before the cameras can start rolling. It is, without question, the funniest running gag in Hollywood.  

Today, Deadline's here to provide us with an update on the latest version of the remake:

"The Crow has seen its wings clipped yet again. Sources tell me Jason Momoa and director Corin Hardy formally withdrew from the film this morning. This after Sony was close to exiting as the film’s worldwide distributor. I’m told this has to do with creative and financial differences with Samuel Hadida, whose Davis Films holds the underlying rights and who was financing the film."

Yes, Hollywood's latest attempt to remake The Crow has ended in not-entirely-unforeseeable tragedy: Jason Momoa and Colin Hardy (who were signed to star and direct the film, respectively) have both parted ways with the project, apparently due to creative differences with The Crow's rights holder, Sam Hadida. Another iteration may be announced next month or the month after, but for now The Crow remake is most sincerely dead for the umpteeth time. 

Stay tuned for more on Hollywood's next attempt to shove a remake of The Crow across the starting line. Much like Eric Draven himself, we don't expect this one to stay dead for long.