First TOP GUN 2 Photo Takes Tom Cruise Back to The Danger Zone

Not this photo. The one in the article. This is one of those posts.

Maybe, with everything else that's been going on lately - the release of Infinity War, the endless debates about Solo: A Star Wars Story, the ongoing meltdown surrounding ABC's Roseanne reboot - you forgot that a sequel to 1986's Top Gun is headed our way. All things considered, it'd be understandable.

But don't worry: your ol' buddy Tom Cruise is here to put Joseph Kosinski's Top Gun: Maverick back on your radar. 

That's right - this is the first photo from Kosinski's Top Gun: Maverick, which has apparently just wrapped its very first day of filming. Everything here appears in order: you've got your Tom Cruise in a flight suit, your helmet with the Maverick call-sign, the catchphrase, the big-ass jet. Even the lighting in this photo looks on point. Assuming you're onboard with the idea of a Top Gun sequel (we're still not convinced this is a good idea!), this pic will probably serve its purpose.

We don't know much about Top Gun: Maverick, not officially, anyway. We know Maverick's now working as an instructor at the same flight academy from the first film, and...that's about it! Rumors persist that there'll also be a timely "drone warfare" element to the proceedings and that Val Kilmer may make an appearance, but that could all be bullshit.

For now, we know it's happening, we know Cruise still looks good in a flight suit, and that it'll be in theaters on July 12th, 2019. Please plan accordingly, and stay tuned for more on this one as it becomes available. We're super curious/morbidly curious to see what Kosinski and company do with this property.