Fangoria To Produce Grady Hendrix’s SATANIC PANIC, Executive Produced By Phil Nobile Jr.

Way to go Phil!

As you all probably know, BMD lost East Coast Editor Phil Nobile Jr. earlier this year to a sudden case of Gorunfangoriaitus. Except for myself, everyone was happy for his success and wished him well.

But there’s more to Fangoria than just a magazine. They are also putting out movies, starting with this year’s Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. To that end, they just acquired Grady Hendrix’s script Satanic Panic, which tells the story of a pizza delivery girl whose last stop of her shift is to rich Satanists who want to kill her as a virgin sacrifice. They almost certainly ordered anchovies that stunk up her car, too.

That’s all well and good, but naturally the big news here is that Deadline credits our man Phil as an executive producer on this, which is amazing! Whether that means he’s actually involved or just getting sent free swag while remaining in completely ignorant is not my problem. It’s all about that credit, baby!

As for the film, it sounds fun. Hendrix, author of books like Paperbacks from Hell and We Sold our Souls co-wrote the story with Mohawk’s Ted Geoghegan. I’m all for more horror comedies and this sounds like it fits the bill. Hendrix also has a novel in development called Horrorstar about a haunted IKEA, which looks like it could be a series soon.

But I’m really just here for the Phil news. Way to go, buddy!