I Love You, Rachel: Amy Seimetz Joins The PET SEMATARY Remake

This movie just keeps getting better and better.

The cast for the remake of Stephen King's Pet Sematary (or perhaps re-adaptation is a better term?) got even cooler over the weekend.

We already knew Jason Clarke was going to be playing Dr. Louis Creed, and that John Lithgow was slipping into Herman Munster's shoes as their terminally New English neighbor Jud Crandall, but now Amy Seimetz will be Louis' loving wife, Rachel.

Fans of the book will note that this is rather key casting, especially if David Kajganich and Jeff Buhler's script skews closer to the book's text about grieving parents and childhood trauma than the initial '89 movie did, as the bulk of the horror story's heavy emotional lifting is actually done by Rachel. Can't wait to find out who plays Zelda. 

Gotta give it to co-directors Kevin Kolsch & Dennis Widmyer (Starry Eyes), as they're assembling quite a crew of performers for their reboot. Now, who gets to play little Gage Creed? Obviously, it's going to be a child actor we've probably never heard of, but dare I suggest a CGI de-aged Haley Joel Osment in full AI mode? That creepy little fucker would wield a scalpel with the best of them. 

The new Pet Sematary hits theaters April 5th.