New Video Footage Confirms: Tom Cruise Has a Death Wish

Is this the biggest stunt in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE history?

Back in April, I attended CinemaCon in Las Vegas, and one of the highlights of that convention was, without question, the absolutely insane presentation given by Mission: Impossible Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie and the film's star, Tom Cruise. 

The pair had taken the stage inside the Caesar's Palace Colosseum to show off one of Fallout's biggest stunts: Tom Cruise leaping out of a giant cargo plane at 25K feet, with a cameraman falling backwards just feet in front of him (I wrote about the entire thing here in much greater detail). The footage they showed us was completely bonkers, and solidified a theory many of us share - that Tom Cruise is both willing and eager to die for the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Over the weekend, Paramount released a little featurette that comes pretty close to capturing the madness we witnessed that day. It's truncated and doesn't show off some of the more spoilery aspects of the sequence, but it goes a long way towards explaining just how bananas Cruise's latest Mission: Impossible stunt was.

Check it out:

Pretty intense, right?

One can't help but wonder where Cruise and company will take the franchise from here. Each new Mission: Impossible has raised the stakes in terms of the death-defying stunts its headlining star is willing to perform, and this one feels borderline un-toppable. From where we're standing, the only direction to go from here is outer space, but - contrary to longstanding rumors - our advisors insist that Tom Cruise could not breathe (or, indeed, function in any way) if jettisoned out into the cold, black expanse beyond our atmosphere. Don't do it, Tom!

Where do you think this is all headed? What could Cruise possibly do next that'd eclipse what he's already done, and what he's doing in Mission: Impossible - Fallout? Give us your best guesses in the space provided below, and stay tuned for more on this one as we get closer to the film's July 27th release date.