Set It Off: The Trailer For Steve McQueen’s WIDOWS Has Arrived

Viola Davis leads a team of grieving women on a life-saving heist, and we are so here for it.

Holy shit

The trailer for Steve McQueen's Widows - the crime movie team-up he's helming with a script from Gone Girl's Gillian Flynn - just dropped and I just took off all my clothes. If you're a pulp addict like myself, there's no reason why you shouldn't also be celebrating (completely naked). The director behind 12 Years a SlaveShame, and Hunger doing a heist picture? Gotdamn

I mean, just look at this fucking thing:

Once you're done with your own debauched revelry, just think about this cast for a second: 

Viola Davis. Jacki Weaver. Elizabeth Debicki. Michelle Rodriguez. Carrie Coon. Colin Farrell. Daniel Kaluuya. Jon Bernthal. Garret Dillahunt. Kevin J. O'Connor. Lukas Haas. Brian Tyree Henry. Liam Neeson. Robert Duvall. 

November 16th seems way too long to wait, but gives us all a reason to survive until Thanksgiving. Let's hope McQueen is continuing to "throw cinema up into the air" (as he's so delightfully put it time and again) while crafting this picture, because it looks amazing.