First BUMBLEBEE Trailer Tries To Inject Some Heart Into The TRANSFORMER Series

The jury’s still out on whether or not it succeeds.

The first Transformers film was sold to us as a story about a kid and his car, a note a purity far too sincere for Michael Bay to truly honor. Some elements of that goal make it through that first adventure, but by the time rusty junk bucket Bumblebee upgrades himself into a brand new Camaro, it’s clear Bay’s more interested in cool kid fantasy than any kind of relatable reality.

But now the Transformers has gone full circle, back to its original intentions with Bumblebee, which if nothing else, seems way more likely to hit that kid and her first car mark. Check it out:

This dropped last night while we were all asleep, which is a totally normal thing to do. Setting that aside, I like what we’re seeing here, particularly when it comes to Transformers action. Which is to say, I can actually comprehend what I’m seeing here - a significant step up.

Look, part of me will miss the stupid insanity of Bay’s Transformers films, but I’m all for a switch if it means one of these has a shot at finally being decent. So far, it’s looking like Bumblebee could be that movie.