Regret to Inform You, But Jared Leto’s Getting His Own JOKER Movie

2018 strikes again.

Not content to already have multiple projects featuring the Joker in development, the folks at Warner Bros. have decided to add yet another one to the slate, this one to be fronted by the most unfortunate Joker of all: Leto Joker.

Says Variety:

"[Jared] Leto is set to star and exec produce an untitled standalone film, paving the way for future movies branching from Suicide Squad.

Plot details are currently unknown, but the studio’s idea is to expand on the world created by Suicide Squad and tie into future installments of that property. Warner Bros. already announced that Margot Robbie’s version of Harley Quinn would be getting her own movie with a Birds of Prey feature, and the next goal was setting up a film for Leto’s Joker."

For those keeping score at home, this means that Warner Bros. now has multiple films in development that will feature the Joker. There's Todd Phillips' Joker standalone movie, which will star Joaquin Phoenix. There's Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad 2, which may or may not also feature appearances from the Joker (there was, of course, also a Joker/Harley Quinn movie floated at one point, but last we heard that project had been shelved). Now there's this one.

Truth be told, we honestly have no idea what the hell Warner Bros. is up to at this point (does anyone else get the feeling that they're just announcing these projects in order to find out how the internet feels about them, hoping to land on an idea that won't get dragged to hell and back?), and aren't entirely sure where the Leto Joker project will land on their slate. 

There's nothing further to report at this time - no idea who'll direct it, no idea who's writing it, no idea who else might star in it or when it might come out. For now, all we know is that Warner Bros. is working on a Leto Joker movie, and that the idea (again, according to Variety) is to establish a little connective tissue to further Suicide Squad spin-offs.

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