BMD BLIND ITEMS: Super Spooky Horror Edition

Here, have a few interesting horror rumors.

From time to time, people whisper interesting pieces of gossip in our ears. More often than not, we're unable to do anything with this scuttlebutt - if it can't be second-sourced, it can't be confirmed, and if it can't be confirmed, we can't report it - but maybe there's another way to pass along these juicy pieces of (again: completely unconfirmed) gossip. Maybe we can have some fun with 'em! Maybe you can guess the movies and people we're describing in the BMD Blind Items below.

Blind Item #1: The Reboot

Though "elevated" horror is all the rage following Jordan Peele's Oscar-winning Get Out (and one suspects will only become more popular after this weekend's Hereditary), old school slashers could be making a comeback once the new Halloween sequel hits this October. On top of Michael Myers, there's another ki-ki-kill icon already being resuscitated behind the scenes, yet the furious fighting scribe penning the project points to a rather satirical slant being sought (which wouldn't be the first in this killer's franchise lineage). One suspects Halloween's box office will determine whether this late-wave monster is brought back from the dead, but stranger things have certainly happened, should David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's movie somehow tank.

Blind Item #2: The Two Kings

After Andy Muschietti's IT flooded WB's coffers with cash last September, a new wave of Stephen King adaptations seemed all but guaranteed. And, hey, wouldn't ya know it: that's exactly where things are headed. Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch's Pet Sematary is en route, Mike Flanagan's Doctor Sleep is on deck for early 2020, and Warner Bros. is moving forward with fresh takes on both The Tommyknockers and, allegedly, The Stand (we're not sure that one's actually gonna pan out).

But that's not the only King property WB is developing: if the whispers we've heard are true, a Big Name Horror Director who's worked well with this studio in the past will be helming a brand-new take on a stone-cold Stephen King classic, one that's definitely seen the silver screen before. He'd be a great pick for the gig, so we're praying it pans out.


Well, we've said all we can say. Got any guesses? Take your best shot in the comments below, and be sure to show your work.