Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD Just Hired A Billion New Cast Members

OK, maybe not a billion, but still: it's a lot.

According to Deadline, Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood just lined up a ton of new cast members. So many, in fact, that we weren't even going to attempt to fit them all into one headline (this is particularly difficult given how long the title of this film is; please keep such things in mind on your next production, QT, some of us have jobs to do). 

Here they are, along with who they'll be playing:

  • Damian Lewis (Dreamcatcher) as iconic actor Steve McQueen
  • Dakota Fanning (War of The Worlds) as Manson girl Squeaky Fromme
  • Nicholas Hammond (1963's Lord of The Flies) as director Sam Wanamaker
  • Emile Hirsch (The Autopsy of Jane Doe) as Jay Sebring
  • Luke Perry (Riverdale) as Scotty Lancer
  • Clifton Collins Jr. (Westworld) as Ernesto The Mexican Vaquero
  • Keith Jefferson (The Hateful Eight) as Land Pirate Keith

Holy shit, that's a lineup! And all of this is in addition to the already-cast Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Burt Reynolds, Timothy Olyphant, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth. Is this the biggest cast Tarantino's ever worked with? We'd have to go do some math over on IMDb, but it certainly feels that way.

As has been previously reported, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood revolves around an aging TV star (DiCaprio) and his long-time associate/stunt double (Pitt) as they attempt to insinuate their way further into the film industry. Also, they live next door to Manson Family victim Sharon Tate (Robbie). We're still not sure how all of this fits together, but we've been told repeatedly that the project is something akin to Tarantino's Pulp Fiction: a big, sprawling, Los Angeles-based epic with lots of twists and turns. 

We can't wait. What do you think of the choices above? The project in general? You hyped to see this one when it opens next August or nah? Sound off in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood continues its march towards release.