Sounds Like Val Kilmer’s Returning For The TOP GUN Sequel, After All

We've missed you, Iceman.

It seemed insane that anyone might make a sequel to 1986's Top Gun without including Val Kilmer's Iceman, but then again, it seemed insane that anyone might make a sequel to 1986's Top Gun after Tony Scott died, and look where that assumption got us.

And now, according to The Wrap, Kilmer is definitely (extremely Star Magic Jackson Jr. voice) in the movie:

"Kilmer will join Cruise in the long-awaited sequel to Tony Scott’s 1986 action blockbuster, in which Cruise’s aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is now a mentor to a new generation of U.S. Navy fighter pilots.

The above has yet to be confirmed by Paramount, but The Wrap's probably right on this one: over the past week, Kilmer's been spotted at the same San Diego-area hotel where the Top Gun: Maverick crew's been staying, and was also allegedly seen out on the town with noted gadabout Tom Cruise. Kilmer also more-or-less confirmed this particular rumor on Facebook months ago, only to offer a halfhearted retraction after setting off a firestorm of excitement among Top Gun megafans.

In any event, Kilmer's been in poor health over the last few years, so it's legitimately heartening to hear that Top Gun: Maverick may have found room for him and that he'd be up for playing the part. We've missed this guy, and are thrilled to have it (kinda) confirmed that he'll be slipping into Iceman's flight suit once again. 

Stay tuned for more on Top Gun: Maverick as it becomes available.