Jim Carrey And Michel Gondry Reteam In Amazing KIDDING Trailer

Probably should bring your tissues, gang.

Some things are just perfect. On the eve of everyone about to cry their eyes our over Won’t You Be my Neighbor and, let’s say, the dusk of people’s patience for Jim Carrey being kind of a spacey weirdo, we have the trailer for Kidding, a Showtime series that finally reunites Carrey with Eternal Sunshine director Michel Gondry. Check it out:

See what I mean? Carrey plays a Mr. Rogers type television personality who goes whimsically bonkers in a way that is sure to bring tears to your eye while also making you feel just slightly on drugs. Into it.

Kidding is set to premiere September 9. It was first announced as a half-hour show with ten episodes, which sounds just about perfect to me. What do you think, gang?