Nathan Fielder Insists You Do Not Follow These Steps to Hack The Emmys

Don't even think about it, hacker scum.

If the word on the street is to be believed, Comedy Central's Nathan For You has reached its conclusion. The show's fourth season featured some of the best episodes this series ever produced, particularly its jaw-dropping, heartbreaking and bittersweet season finale, "Finding Frances". And y'know what? If that's the note this show had to go out on, it's one helluva note.

Indeed, fans have been championing "Finding Frances" ever since it aired, holding it up not only as an outstanding episode of Nathan For You, but also as an excellent piece of filmmaking in general (worth pointing out: Fielder directed the episode himself). In the wake of all that support, it's only reasonable to wonder: might some passionate Nathan For You fan attempt to hack the Emmys in order to guarantee Fielder a nomination?

That would, of course, be extremely irresponsible. Criminal, even. Election tampering is a very serious issue in this country right now - it's a topic we've been talking about for going on two years! - and it would be a terrible shame if something like that were to happen to the Television Academy. 

And lemme tell ya: no one is more concerned about this than Nathan Fielder. 

This is Fielder sitting down with Carsten Schurmann, an election security expert from Copenhagen, to discuss how one might hack this year's Emmy nomination process, were one so inclined to engage in such nefarious behavior. Over the course of twelve frequently-uncomfortable minutes, Fielder and Schurmann walk us through the absolutely despicable steps a dedicated fan would have to take in order to guarantee Nathan For You an Emmy nomination. Seeing it all laid out like this, step by step, it's hard not to wonder what sort of monster would do such a thing. 

Anyhoo, we're gonna miss Nathan For You, and wish it luck in this year's Emmy race.