Bethesda Just Announced ELDER SCROLLS VI and STARFIELD

But it sounds like both will be on the NEXT generation of consoles.

If you're a gamer, you probably don't need to be told that this year's big E3 conference is currently underway. Our own Andrew Todd will be along later in the week with a comprehensive overview of the best stuff revealed during the various press conferences happening over the next few days, but for now...

...well, we wanted to get two trailers in front of you immediately.

Yes, that's right: a new Elder Scrolls.

This is Elder Scrolls VI the latest big-ass, open-world fantasy RPG in Bethesda's long-running and beloved series. The word on the street suggested that Bethesda's been plugging away at a new not-online Elder Scrolls game for some time, and now we've finally got that confirmed! 

But there's a catch: Bethesda's Todd Howard mentioned that Elder Scrolls VI would be their next major release after another game, an original sci-fi property called Starfield, which Howard introduced as being a "next-generation" title. If we're interpreting all that properly, that means that Starfield will hit whatever the next generation of consoles is (the PS5, the XBOX Two or whatever the hell they call it, and so on), followed by Elder Scrolls VI.

Obviously, this raises some questions: will Starfield be a next-gen launch title? When, exactly, are we talking about this next generation of consoles arriving? How long after that are we expecting Elder Scrolls VI to show up? We don't have answers to any of these questions, but we invite you to speculate along with us in the comments below, and to stay tuned for more on both of these titles as they become available.

(Side note: that extended look at Fallout 76 sold Team BMD on the idea of an online Fallout with a quickness. We're all into it, we're gonna play it, and you should probably expect a low amount of content the week of November 14th).