An ARACHNOPHOBIA Remake Is Crawling Back To Theaters

With James Wan producing.

Can you believe it’s been almost thirty years since we had a major spider movie in theaters? I don’t mean jokey fun stuff like Eight-Legged Freaks or Big Ass Spider! but a for-real, scare the shit out of you spider movie made by Hollywood’s best?

That’s exactly what Arachnophobia was - an Amblin movie directed by Frank Marshall, starring John Goodman and Jeff Daniels and featuring brilliant spider scares (remember, it was the little ones that fucked you up) that I still remember today.

Which is all preamble to the idea that Hollywood is going to give it another shot. Deadline reports James Wan will produce (but not direct) an Arachnophobia remake - though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just another spider movie with that title.

The thing is, an effectively scary spider movie has to be carefully done. Big, hairy spiders are ugly to look at for sure, but what really gets under your skin is the idea that a tiny killer could be crawling up your leg right now. The original did a great job with this, and I would hope this new version keeps that in mind.