GLOW Season Two Gets A Very Good Trailer

Cannot wait for this to drop.

I was so charmed and entertained by GLOW’s first season, I cannot wait to welcome it back like an old friend when season two hits at the end of this month. For now, we have this great trailer to remind us what we’ve been missing:

GLOW’s not the most important show in the world or anything, but it does offer a cool group of characters in an interesting situation as they go through ups and downs and more or less bond as a family. The show’s performances are good across the board, and season one ended with everyone in a very interesting place for this year’s crop of episodes to explore.

If you missed out on GLOW last year, no worries! It’s still on Netflix, where it will remain unto the end of time with a gazillion other shows and movies. The new series drops June 29, so you still have a good amount of time to get caught up.