Second Trailer For Shane Black’s THE PREDATOR Marginally Better Than The First

In which we ponder the threat level for a bad Shane Black PREADTOR picture.

What the fuck is going on with The Predator?

The first trailer was, well, to put it mildly: underwhelming. Now, we've got a TV spot that is slightly more exciting, but barely.

Take a look for yourself: 

On one hand - as my bro Evan Saathoff correctly pointed out in the BMD Slack feed - the spot reveals a reason to be excited for Shane Black's take on the space hunter, in that it actually looks like a mid-level movie (which is exactly what the original film was: an action programmer that became a fairly solid hit). The fact that Black is keeping it smaller scale is a nice throw back to the type of adult oriented genre weirdness we don't get too much of anymore.

On the other - how hard is it to cut a really good trailer for The Predator? Well, it may have to do with the fact that the movie just underwent extensive reshoots in order to re-work the entire third act. In this day and age - especially with every other Star War now essentially being re-tooled on the fly - this sort of additional photography really isn't the kiss of death it used to be, but also makes you wonder if all the facemelting money shots are still being finished in post, and they're just selling us on what they got in the can. 

Either way, this is still a fucking Shane Black Predator film, so it'll probably smoke us all once it hits theaters September 14th. The threat level regarding its potential to be bad should probably only hover around the blue. No need to be alarmed, but maybe raise an eyebrow?