Check Out Taika Waititi’s “Shitler” In JOJO RABBIT

The suave Kiwi dons a familiar 'stache for his cuddly take on the genocidal tyrant.

Taika Waititi is currently doing the Lord's Work, parlaying his success with Thor: Ragnarok into a project that may have had trouble getting made otherwise in Jojo Rabbit. The fantastical chronicle of a young boy (Roman Griffin Davis) in Hitler's army who discovers his mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding a Jewish child in their home, Jojo Rabbit also stars Sam Rockwell and Rebel Wilson as Nazis, and Taika as Hitler, who apparently is like an imaginary friend to the titular youth. Satire y'all! 

Now, Waititi tweeted out an image of himself tossing on the iconic Hitler 'stache, and it's just as goofy as you'd expect.

Check it out: 

Taika also shared this little gem:

Apparently, folks who have read Waititi's script for Jojo tell me that his version of "Hitler" is far from the terrifying dictator we all know, as he's been transformed into our little, conflicted hero's personal Winnie the Pooh. That sounds just dandy to me (though I can definitely imagine many finding a way to get Mad Online about it). Guess we'll all find out when Jojo Rabbit drops (though no release date has been currently set).