Alamo Drafthouse Heads to Denver Comic Con

If you're in the Denver area, don't miss this!

Convention season is upon us, and the Alamo Drafthouse Denver has teamed up with Denver Comic Con to bring you some exciting programming by way of their Reel Heroes Filmmakers Series. These panels will all help kick off the show on Friday, and will run throughout the day at staggered times, starting at noon.

The first of the three will be a discussion about Hitchcock in rooms 505 and 506 between Walter Chaw and Steve Bassette. The two will touch on his career, accomplishment, and challenges in the panel setting. They will also be hosting the second panel, titled “Science Fiction: 2001 at 50”. They’ll be taking a look at the themes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and how the film still holds up today.

Drafthouse’s final panel of the day will still be moderated by Walter Chaw, but will feature special guest C. Robert Cargill (writer of Doctor Strange, Sinister, and more) to talk about the golden age of horror. This panel won’t start up until 7:00 PM, so don’t stress if you can’t make it to the show until a little later in the day.

You can find schedule details or download DCC’s mobile app here, as well as check out their full list of guests and ticketing info.