Check Out The DUMBO Teaser, Starring Danny DeVito

But don’t expect much.

I believe there could be a good live-action Dumbo movie coming. It’s not totally outside the realm of possibility. With Tim Burton directing and that cast involved, sure, I’ll watch a movie about a cute, flying elephant.

But this teaser, which Disney released very late last night, is not doing much for me:

It’s possible that going with the “everyone is in awe of Dumbo” route is just missing me altogether. I’m not exactly inclined to be in love with CG Dumbo just because CG Dumbo exists, and this trailer feels like such adoration is a presupposition. Hello, I just woke up and my vocabulary is yawning.

But hey that cast! By that I mean to say Danny DeVito is in this, so it must be at least a little good. You know what? This thing is going to make a million billion bucks no matter what I think. I should probably just get out of the way.