Reductress Might Be Getting Its Own Comedy Central Series

Would watch.

The internet is a rough place, especially lately. As such, it’s always nice to have an oasis dedicated to positive things. Namely cute animals, recipe videos for dishes you’ll probably never make, and humor sites.

One of my favorite humor sites is Reductress, which satirizes female self-help internet tropes with wit and an edge that feels appropriate to 21st century internet life. So if someone wants to make a televised version of it, I’m all for it.

And wouldn’t you know it? Someone DOES want to make a televised version! According to THR, Comedy Central has ordered a pilot for a hypothetical show called The Reductress Hour which would be hosted by former SNL cast member Abby Elliott.

Before we can even begin worrying about whether the show will be good, we have to deal with the notion that the show might not even get picked up, which would be a shame. So let’s hope they put together a great pilot filled with jokes about boyfriends named Chad and such.