The PURGE Creepy Mask Tradition Continues In New THE FIRST PURGE Posters

If you see any of these masks, run away. Whether it’s Purge Night or not.

There are a couple things you can rely on in a Purge movie. One is some good old fashioned purging. You can also look forward to increasingly angry political messages about the current state of things. And finally, creepy masks. Even back when this was just a home invasion thing, they had those masks on lock.

Of course that tradition will continue with The First Purge, a prequel that tells us (obviously) all about how that first Purge Night went. The film released some new posters on Twitter this morning that let us in on some of these new mask designs:

They’re a bit less flashy this time, cruder, perhaps indicating that people just weren’t up on their Purge Night mask making game quite yet. That’s okay, it’s hard! You can’t knock it out the park on your first try!

The First Purge comes out July 4. As with all other Purge movies, I am super excited to check it out.