Get Yourself To Church, Girl: The Trailer For THE NUN Is Here

The latest entry into THE CONJURING Extended Cinematic Universe wants you to pray.

James Wan is sort of a genius.

What started as his own riffs on '70s/'80s horror (with The Conjuring) has now blossomed into a full blown, Marvel-esque extended universe for haunted house freaks. On top of giving us two iconic characters in The Warrens (who may have a werewolf investigation coming with The Conjuring 3), you've got the creepy doll Annabelle movies, and now The Nun, which looks like it's going to send us all to mass to try and protect ourselves from its spooky prequel scares.

Check out the first trailer, which comes complete with a hokey"watch all the way to the end" message at the start that I admire, just from a pure old school huckster standpoint:

I'll be the first to admit, this series isn't for me, but I don't think it's necessarily made for me, either. It's for the folks who didn't grow up devouring every VHS tape in their local shop's horror section, as it amalgamates those sort of movies into a slick spook show for a new generation. Totally cool by this aging fuddy duddy. You kids get you some horror!

Rumor has it: Wan re-shot a good deal of The Nun himself, so you should probably expect his trademark jump scares and foggy ambiance. The man is a work horse! 

The Nun hits theaters September 7th, so you got time to stock up on the holy water.