Tiffany Haddish’s Tyler Perry Film Finally Gets A Title

Get ready for NOBODY’S FOOL.

Gang, I have a horrible confession to make. I failed to see the last Tyler Perry movie, Acrimony. I feel very bad about it too because it’s rated R and I love Taraji P. Henson. But it’s been hard out there for a Tyler Perry fan. His movies lately haven’t even been interesting or insane or anything, just chores to sit through. After all these years, I think I’m finally tired of it.

And yet, he could have me back with Nobody’s Fool, which just got a real title. The film combines Tyler Perry with Tiffany Haddish, which is something I don’t have any interest in missing. On top of that, it also reunites Perry with A Madea Christmas’ (okay okay, you probably remember her more from the incredible Southside with You) Tika Sumpter. And beyond all that, you have Whoopi Goldberg, who no-joke killed it in For Colored Girls.

Along with a title, the film now also has a first image:

The plot seems pretty basic. Haddish is trying to turn her life around and wants to use her sister (Sumpter) as a model for good living. But it turns out maybe her sister’s perfect life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I don’t really care; just give me my ticket, please.

But I will keep my expectations at a firm medium. Whatever upward trajectory Perry was on (yes, he was on one) crumbled when For Colored Girls failed to crossover into award success, and since then his films - particularly his non-Madea films - have lost all sense of personal urgency, as if he’s given up and now just wants to give people what he thinks they want. Hopefully Haddish can help elevate Nobody's Fool beyond all that. We’ll find out November 2!