Patty Jenkins Unveils A Surprise Returning Character In WONDER WOMAN 2

Or WONDER WOMAN 1984, as it's now officially known.

No prelude. No bullshit. We just gotta show you this little bombshell that Patty Jenkins tweeted out this morning.

Okay. So many questions. How is Steve Trevor alive after that plane exploded? Why hasn't he aged a day since 1917? An Amazon like Wonder Woman doesn't age the same way mere mortals do, so it makes sense that she would look basically the same for about a century, but Steve is just a regular shmegular dude. Is Steve Trevor pulling a Steve Rogers? Is Chris Pine pulling a Chris Evans? Where did he get that tracksuit and how is it the most toned-down thing happening in this neon '80s dreamscape? IS THAT DUDE WITH THE MUSTACHE MORE THAN JUST A PARTICULARLY NOTICEABLE EXTRA AND ACTUALLY HOLDS THE KEY TO UNLOCKING THIS MYSTERY!?

The other big news here appears to be that the official title of the Wonder Woman sequel is Wonder Woman 1984, though I guess maybe we were supposed to glean that from an earlier reveal. Oh, and Gal Gadot also posted a pretty neat image herself, placing even further emphasis on that rad '80s aesthetic.

But seriously, what the hell is going on here? Patty Jenkins is playing a crafty game if she's willing to show off a reveal as big as Steve Trevor's return this early. If you have any theories for how Steve isn't a crispy scattering of ashes in the wind, we're down to hear them in the comments section.