Young Obi-Wan To Play Old Danny Torrence In DOCTOR SLEEP

May the Shining be with you.

This Doctor Sleep movie is going to happen quickly. According to Deadline, the Stephen King adaptation already has a lead. Ewan McGregor will play grown up Danny Torrance, directed by Michael Flanagan.

For those who don’t know, Doctor Sleep isn’t just any old Stephen King book that I haven’t read yet. It’s the one that is a sequel to The Shining. The plot has something to do with Torrance saving some kid who also has shining capabilities from a bunch of Highlander types who kill other shining people to make their own powers stronger. Wampler, did I get that right?

I don’t know if this excites people because they love the book or if it’s because they love Kubrick’s version of The Shining, but if it’s the latter I have to advise you to set yourself up for disappointment as this probably won’t have much to do with that film. In fact, I feel like my King friends don’t even like Doctor Sleep that much. This movie might just be for Stephen King himself. That’s cool, he deserves it.

I assume the rest of this cast will fill out shortly, so stay tuned.