Extraordinary Trailer Day #3: THE GRINCH

We now move from wolf to grump.

It was only a matter of time before we got a cute CG animated movie about The Grinch. The story of an asshole who loves to ruin Christmas is too rich to ignore. But no matter how many versions of this they make, I’m skeptical any will live up to the Jim Carrey original.

Anyway, the trailer is here. Be warned: it could change your life:

I find it difficult to imagine a situation in which I would be willing to watch this, but it is fun trying, and I highly recommend giving it a shot. Like, if I were stuck in a bomb shelter and this were the only movie available… I don’t know, maybe. Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice is mildly entertaining in a loss of dignity way, and there is a cute dog, so who knows.

But hey, it’s not made for me! It’s made for cute kids who have aversions to 2D animation and/or grown men in scary cat makeup. I need to just shut up and let them enjoy their hot, hip films!

This one doesn’t come out until November, so you have some time.