STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Goes Through Massive Shakeup #2

This show just can’t catch a break.

I feel for fans of Star Trek: Discovery out there. Despite what I perceived as a generally positive reception to season one, behind the scenes troubles continue to dog the show. There’s always hope that these creative shakeups can improve things, but such happy outcomes rarely seem to be the case.

This time, showrunners Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts, who took over the show when Bryan Fuller left initially, have been fired. Alex Kurtzman will take over as showrunner. Apparently, the main problem with Berg and Harberts had less to do with show quality and more to do with them being jerks to everyone.

Kurtzman, a name that doesn’t fill me with too much confidence, will take over during a planned break between production on season two’s fifth and sixth episodes, so there should be no major disruption to the production schedule. How much it affects the show’s tone or quality, of course, will remain unknown until we finally get to see these new episodes.