“I Wanna Make It Bleed”: International Trailer For THE MEG Sells Statham V. Shark

Why they didn't take this route in the first place remains a total mystery.

Picture this. You're a studio. You have a movie with a giant prehistoric shark. You have Jason Statham in the movie, starring alongside said giant, seemingly-extinct maneater. So, how do you sell this movie? 

In the American trailer for The Meg, there was very little Statham-on-shark action. Now, I don't know how you guys get down, but that's not how I like my trashy movie lovemaking. 

Thankfully, the International Trailer just dropped, and focuses almost entirely on Jason Statham wanting to just fuck up a big-ass shark. That's how you sell this movie.

Take a look: 

Recently, a little birdie told me that The Meg test screened and did "OK", but that the picture's "very PG-13". That's sort of a bummer, but I don't give a shit. If your movie has Jason Statham and a giant shark, you've already sold my ticket. If he doesn't punch that goddamn beast, it only gets two stars. But if he lands a haymaker on its grey nose, I'll up it to three, at the very least. 

The Meg hits theaters August 10th. In the meantime, stare at this baller poster and think of the aquatic mayhem to come.