Gary Oldman Voices An Alexa-Style Torture Bot In This TAU Trailer

They'll let anyone shout at you from a little box these days.

The logline for TAU is, quite frankly, dumb as hell: 

"Kidnapped by an inventor who uses her as a test subject to perfect his robotic AI, a street-smart young woman tries to escape her high-tech prison."

I'm pretty sure Michael Crichton wrote that novel in 1973. But then you watch this new trailer - where Gary Oldman voices a rather aggro AI that screams insane shit like "return to your tasks immediately or I will inflict pain!" at Maika Monroe (The Guest) - and suddenly it becomes clear that we might have a new camp classic on our hands. Toss in a dose of grubby neon cinematography that would make Richard Stanley OD, and TAU might actually be a Netflix joint that's worth out time!

Take a look for yourself: 

I mean, that trailer is stylish as hell, but also totally out of its mind. It's tough to tell if TAU is going to be "good" or "holy shit, you gotta see this" bad, but first time feature director Federico D’Alessandro has our attention either way. 

TAU hits Netflix next week - June 29th. We are here for all the digitized Oldman shouting.