Gender-Bending Adventure THE WILD BOYS Gets Distribution And A Trailer

One of 2017's best films may finally be coming your way.

One of my favourite films that I saw in 2017 was Les Garçons Sauvage (The Wild Boys). The debut feature of Belgian short-film maestro Bertrand Mandico, it played at Montreal’s Festival of New Cinema, turned my whole world end-on-end, then disappeared back into the haze of the festival circuit. I’ve been evangelising for this film for months, but without any way for people to see it.

Luckily, that’s changing, at least in the US.

Off the back of Venice Critics’ Week (where the film won a prize for technical contribution), The Wild Boys has been picked up for an early fall theatrical release in the United States, followed by global streaming and home video. MUBI will handle the streaming side of things, putting the film in its Special Discovery series, while Altered Innocence will deal with the theatrical and video releases. Altered Innocence describes itself as a company “dedicated to releasing coming-of-age and LGBTQ films with an artistic edge,” which is a perfect fit for this film.

New distribution also means a new trailer:

So if you're into the idea of a weirdly erotic, hyper-stylised adventure about violent upper-class schoolboys (all played by women) being punished and re-educated by a salty sea captain on a magical island: watch out for The Wild Boys this fall. I give you my personal guarantee that you will not be disappointed.