REPRISAL Trailer: Bruce Willis And Frank Grillo Take On Johnathon Schaech

Yes, this is a team-up scenario I will watch.

We all know Bruce Willis shows up in a lot of bad movies now, barely willing to stay awake through his performances. That’s certainly not going to change for Reprisal, a small crime movie starring Frank Grillo as some pencil-pushing guy who goes after the dude who robbed his bank. Nevertheless, this trailer has me wanting to see it:

I don’t really know if sleepy Bruce Willis is better than no Bruce Willis at all, but he seems well matched with Grillo, and the premise is ridiculous enough to let me push aside any logic that might get in the way of my enjoyment. Sometimes you just want to watch a tough guy go after another tough guy with the help of a third tough guy, you know? I don’t know where all these tough guys came from, but who am I to get out of the way if they want to fight it out?

Reprisal comes out August 31.