Please Do Not Disturb David Lynch While He’s Considering More TWIN PEAKS

Give the GOAT the time he needs, goddamnit.

Note: This post contains spoilers for Twin Peaks: The Return.

Last night in Los Angeles, living legend David Lynch made an appearance at the Ace Hotel to discuss the release of Room To Dream, the recently-released biography Lynch collaborated on with Kristine McKenna. As you might expect, it didn't take long before someone asked about the possibility of more Twin Peaks. More specifically, the fan-in-question allegedly asked Lynch about continuing the story of Carrie Page (Sheryl Lee), the Laura Palmer doppleganger who shows up at the end of Twin Peaks: The Return

Here's what he said in response, according to Consequence of Sound:

"It is calling, but there are a lot of disturbances.”

A very curious response, to be sure, but also: Classic Lynch.

Of course, this doesn't mean much. "A lot of disturbances" could mean just about anything (salary disputes, lack of material, Showtime insisting that Twin Peaks: The Return 2 focus solely on Michael Cera's Wally Brando). What's worth noting here is that Lynch sounds interested. That's good enough for us!

Anyway, let's use this bit of non-news as a springboard to a public discussion we've long been having behind-the-scenes at BMD: do you even want more Twin Peaks? Think Lynch and Frost (who miraculously exceeded just about everyone's expectations with The Return) should leave well enough alone? Wouldja prefer that Lynch went off and made a new movie first? We're curious where you folks stand on this. You are cordially invited to hit the comments below and let us know.