Trailer For HOW IT ENDS Finds Forest Whitaker Running His Own Miracle Mile

And he seems pretty pissed about Theo James knocking up his daughter.

With the rise of Netflix, it's been an adjustment experiencing movies that are big on spectacle premiering on the small screen. If this trailer is any indication, the apocalyptic How It Ends is going to stretch viewers' tolerance for TV-ready destruction to its breaking point. 

Directed by David M. Rosenthal (A Single Shot) and written by Brooks McLaren (who also penned a recent Rambo TV pilot: New Blood), How It Ends looks like a Miracle Mile riff, as a desperate soon-to-be father (Theo James) tries to return home to his pregnant wife (Kat Graham) after a mysterious event throws the world into chaos. Aiding this harried hubbie is his love's pops (Forest Whitaker), who looks like he's gearing up to shoot the end of the world in the face. 

Check out the spot Netflix just unleashed today: 

I mean, I would watch all of this craziness, even though it's hard to get riled up about anything starring the vapid front man of the Divergent series. However, if Whitaker is just constantly berating James' milquetoast ass while they avoid getting snuffed out by further catastrophic events, I could see that being fun to sit through. 

Apparently, How It Ends has actually been in the making for roughly eight years. McLaren's script made the 2010 Black List, before catching the attention of Rosenthal in 2015. Skip ahead to 2017, when Netflix acquired the rights to the project and filming commenced that August. 

We're just gonna have to see if How It Ends was worth the near decade-long birthing process when it hits the streaming giant on July 13th.