Denzel Is Gonna Drive Your Ass To The Graveyard In This EQUALIZER 2 Trailer

Call for a Lyft. Get shot in the goddamn face.

There's this thing that I do whenever I get a Lyft home and the driver isn't the chattiest type. Often, it's appreciated (as I'm usually drunk and not trying to hear about your kids, bro), but then the mind wanders and starts inventing backstory for the person sitting in the driver's seat. Many times, they're CIA men, just idling time away before getting called in to incite another covert war in South America. 

This new spot for The Equalizer II confirms that I'm not alone in my DD daydreaming, as Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) is now a Lyft chauffeur, pleasantly carting the unpleasant around Boston before getting embroiled in more action movie hijinks, this time centered around what appears to be a straight up revenge story. 

Take a look for yourself: 

Look, I don't wanna overstate things: but this spot seems to indicate that not only is McCall a Trekkie, but he's also willing to straight up to decimate another dude's hand with a Vulcan greeting. Could The Equalizer II be both the greatest movie and Lyft commercial ever made? The potential is certainly present!

Guess we'll find out when The Equalizer II hits theaters July 20th.