STRANGER THINGS’ Finn Wolfhard Embraces His Inner Dork In Music Video With Ninja Sex Party

He plays a young Danny Sexbang. Yes. That's the lead singer's name.

You know we love Stranger Things. You know we love weird shit. So check out this weird-ass music video that Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard starred in for the band Ninja Sex Party:

For those unfamiliar - which, let's face it, is probably most of you - Ninja Sex Party is an '80s-inspired comedy rock band comprising of Dan Avidan as Danny Sexbang and Brian Wecht as Ninja Brian. Their songs are usually a lot of dick jokes at Danny's expense, playing off the fact that the Sexbang persona is nothing but sexual posturing for a guy who's just a big dork. However, their new song "Danny Don't You Know", which accompanies an announcement of their upcoming sixth album Cool Patrol, is a bit more sentimental than usual for the band, basically acting as a thank you for the fans who have propelled them to minor celebrity over the past decade by reaffirming that, even if you're weird and awkward now, your inner coolness can absolutely shine through later in life. (I see some of you raising your eyebrows at the term celebrity, but their album Attitude City hit #1 on the Billboard US Comedy Albums chart. They're kind of a big deal.)

As for how Wolfhard factors into this, he's gone on record before as a big fan of Ninja Sex Party, even appearing as a guest on the YouTube show Game Grumps, for which Avidan is co-host. So it only makes sense that Wolfhard would appear as the younger incarnation of Danny Sexbang, embodying the inner child of one of his idols as he lends his own stardom to the band's rising star.

So what do you think of the video? Is Wolfhard's endorsement enough to draw you in? Sound off in the comments below about whether one of the biggest names on Netflix can get you to care about a novelty band.