Trailer For KING OF THIEVES Brings The UK’s Biggest Heist To Life

It's like OCEAN'S 11 for geriatric British masterminds!

The Hatton Garden jewellery heist is often said to be one of the biggest in Britain's history. Police estimate between 60 and 70 safety deposit boxes – with a value now estimated at almost $50+ million – were jimmied open by a gaggle of bad guys, who were able to finagle their way into the vault at Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Ltd. after disarming the alarms. The thieves made off with thousands worth of jewels after breaking through a wall and sailing down a lift shaft into the building where the metal boxes were kept. 

Now, King of Thieves - not to be confused with this year's straight up action banger Den of Thieves - is going to fictionalize that historic criminal act into a madcap caper starring Michael Caine (who's got Jim Broadbent, Michael Gambon, and Ray Winstone on his team of old timers). The movie's coming from director James Marsh (Man On WireThe Theory of Everything) and screenwriter Joe Penhall (Mindhunters), but seems to be ignoring the darker elements of both artists' work, going for a goofy Ocean's 11 vibe instead.

Take a look:

This looks silly and light, and it's nice to see Caine back in full scoundrel mode (as some of my favorite roles of his were in '70s crime pictures Pulp and Get Carter). Early word out of Cannes was mixed, but count this writer in for a viewing of King of Thieves, as I'm always up for a fluffy British diversion featuring great performers.

King of Thieves doesn't have an American date as of yet, but hits UK cinemas September 14th.