Trailer For SXSW Favorite SUPPORT THE GIRLS Promises Bujalski’s Best

Boobs, beer and capitalist critiques collide in the latest from the ex-mumblecore auteur.

From his earliest days churning out "mumblecore" dramedies, to his more formally sound features like Results, Andrew Bujalski’s has always shown signs of being a potentially great filmmaker.

Now, Bujalski's crafted his best film yet with Support the Girls - a funny, poignant, slice of life comedy set inside a "breastaurant" (think: a Hooters or Twin Peaks knock-off) that delivers a microcosmic take on economic exploitation. Starring Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson, Shayna McHayle, Brooklyn Decker, Jana Kramer, James Le Gros, Dylan Gelula, AJ Michalka and Lea DeLaria, the film follows a group of servers at a sports bar as they band together under the pressures of life and difficulties of the job.

The movie absolutely killed with the SXSW audience I saw it with, and now Magnolia has dropped a trailer for you to check out ahead of its August release. Take a look: 

That spot does a really good job capturing the perfect balance Bujalski strikes between finding humor in the everyday grind, while also highlighting the crushing hardships women who wait tables have to deal with. Anyone who's spent any amount of time in the service industry will pick up on the truth Support the Girls is putting down in an instant. 

Support the Girls hits limited theatrical release and VOD August 24th. Trust me, this one's a sleeper that could end up on your Top 10 of the year list come December.