The First MANDY Trailer Is Here to Kick All of Your Asses

Buckle up, gang. This is the wildest ride of the year.

A popular refrain from folks who've seen Panos Cosmatos' Mandy is, "You're not ready for Mandy." 

This is not entirely an exaggeration! Whatever you think Mandy is, you're probably off the mark. Yes, it's a bugnuts Nicolas Cage movie, but this one features Cage forging his own battle axe while wearing the shirt you see above. Yes, it's a revenge flick, but it also features a man with a pet tiger who soaks his hands in LSD for funsies. Yes, it's eyepopping on a visual level, but did you also know that Mandy features Heavy Metal-style animation and Hellraiser-style demons riding motorcycles? Mandy is many things.

Allow this first trailer to give you a taste of the madness.

Yeah. It's exactly like that.

Cosmatos, his impressive cast - which also includes Andrea Riseborough, Bill Duke, and Linus Roach, in a truly amazing performance - and screenwriter Aaron Stewart-Ahn (who co-wrote with Cosmatos) have joined forces for a film movie nerds are gonna be casually name-dropping as a fave for years to come, and features a Nicolas Cage performance that ranks amongst the actor's very best work. We really cannot wait for you to get a look at it.

Good news is, you won't be waiting much longer: Mandy arrives on September 14th. You're not ready for it, but you should go ahead and start getting excited right now.