DC Might Just Have Something With Their Big Streaming Service

We finally have some details on what DC Universe will look like, and it’s kind of impressive.

I feel more or less tapped out when it comes to streaming subscription services. As a result, the idea that we had a DC-specific streaming service eventually coming did little to excite me as the chances that I’d sign on to yet another of these things was small.

And I won’t lie, that’s probably still the case. But DC has announced a lot more details for what they’re offering with DC Universe, and it’s more than expected.

We already knew most of the original series stuff. There will be a live action Titans series, Swamp Thing series and Doom Patrol series. The animated Young Justice show will get a third season and there’s going to be an animated series built around Harley Quinn.

But there’s also going to be a ton of older DC shows and movies to enjoy. The full list is not known, but you can get some pretty good ideas from the trailer they tweeted earlier today:

As you can see, they are also including a comics reader. It won’t include everything DC has ever published but instead a curated list that apparently numbers in the "thousands". This is sort of the kicker for me and the main thing that makes this streaming service feel unique. Subscribers will also be privy to DC-related exclusives, which is less exciting but still indicates how the future of these company-specific streaming services won’t just be limited to original programming, which gets easier to ignore in an increasingly crowded landscape.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how all this goes when the service launches this fall.