THE PURGE TV Series (Sorry, Television Event) Gets First Trailer

Yes, there are plenty of creepy masks.

The latest Purge movie hits theaters in less than a week and should be in all your calendars as required viewing as these movies only seem to be getting better. And hey, while you have that calendar out, might as well pencil in September 4, as that marks the premiere of the Purge “10 Episode Television Event”.

If you need convincing, here’s a trailer:

Even in the shitty society depicted in this universe, they only get to Purge once a year. Twice for us, gang! We are truly blessed.

Actually, no we’re not. In fact, the whole Purge thing seems more and more like real life every year and it’s depressing. Luckily, the angrier these films (and 10 Episode Television Events) get, the more cathartic it feels watching them.

As for this trailer, it doesn’t really sell anything in terms of characters or overall arc. It’s basically all Purge action, which is fine and displays a show that in the very least looks good from a production standpoint. I’m sure we’ll start getting more specific ads later down the line.