Netflix Just Got Into The Kicking Ass And Taking Names Business With Iko Uwais

Oh man!

Netflix has been out there catering to every demographic you can think of, from Bob Ross fans to Full House folks to Anime people. But they haven’t been doing all that much in the ass-kicking business.

This is apparently an oversight that will soon be fixed as Deadline has announced Netflix will be making a 10 episode series called Wu Assassins starring none other than The Raid’s Iko Uwais, who a lot more people are probably about to meet in the upcoming Mile 22.

Along with performing, Uwais will also serve as fight choreographer and stunt coordinator. The show will be written by John Wirth and take place in San Francisco where Uwais’ character becomes a goddamn Wu Assassin. There’s more but do you really need to hear it?

This is expected to start production August 8, which means the chances of me getting it yesterday are slim. But my fingers are crossed anyway.