Sounds Like Jim Carrey Will Play Dr. Robotnik in The SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Movie

This may lead to the greatest cinematic mustache since MORTDECAI.

According to Deadline, Jeff Fowler's forthcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie is in the process of landing quite the casting coup: none other than Jim Carrey (most recently seen behaving like a real asshole in the Netflix documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond) is currently in negotiations to star in the film as the evil Dr. Robotnik. 

Fowler's film will feature a combination of live-action footage and CGI, and it's currently unknown whether Carrey will be voicing a computer-generated version of Robotnik or appearing as the character underneath a mountain of practical effects (and an outrageously large mustache). 

For those unfamiliar with Sonic The Hedgehog mythology, Dr. Robotnik ("Dr. Eggman", if ya nasty) is an egg-shaped mad scientist dead-set on world domination. Wikipedia tells me that Robotnik's ultimate goal is to create an "Eggman Empire", a piece of information I won't be researching any further, because a) it's after 5PM on a Friday and b) I find the phrase "Eggman Empire" inexplicably upsetting. To dive any deeper into such mysteries is to court madness.

Anyhoo, Sonic The Hedgehog is currently finalizing its cast, gearing up for a production that should put the film in theaters on November 15th, 2019. Stay tuned for more on this one as it becomes available, and be safe out there.