This FATHER OF THE YEAR Trailer Has A Weird Amount Of Ass

Mostly David Spade ass.

I’m not proud. So I will admit to you that I laughed at this trailer for Father of the Year, Netflix’s answer to the problem of not having quite enough Adam Sandler movies. At first I laughed because of all the weird butt shots in the trailer’s first half (seriously, what’s up with that). Then I laughed at David Spade’s ill-fitting suit in the second. I don’t know if that all adds up to me watching the movie or not, but what can I say? I don’t hate the look of this:

The story - about two kids who make a wager on whose dad would win in a fight - isn’t that compelling, especially with the non-David Spade dad mostly missing from the trailer. In fact, that whole plotline isn’t really important to the trailer at all. Instead it’s just of bunch of David Spade drunkenly screwing things up.

But here’s the thing: this is a David Spade mode I can get behind. I miss that gross, pathetic Joe Dirt version of Spade and if this dumb movie is going to focus exclusively on that, I don’t know if I can refuse it. Okay, I can probably refuse it. But it will always be there waiting for me to have one beer too many.

If you also lack taste, Father of the Year hits Netflix July 20.