John Malkovich Will Try To Out-Pope Jude Law In HBO’s THE NEW POPE

Step aside, YOUNG POPE. There's a new sheriff in town.

Paolo Sorrentino's The Young Pope was one of the best things on HBO last year. By turns sinister, sexy and surreal, the series was an absolute delight (it also gave birth to the "Young Pope Who Fucks" meme; that alone is enough to earn Sorrentino's series Legendary Status). A while back, we'd heard that a second season was in the works, but in the time since we've heard next to nothing about what that might entail.

Today, we got an update: according to The Hollywood Reporter, John Malkovich has signed on to co-star with Law in The New Pope, which will continue the story started by The Young Pope while also introducing - you guessed it - a new Pope. We're gonna have more Popes than we know what to do with!

This is currently all we know about The New Pope, but it's more than enough for us. Stay tuned for more on The New Pope as further updates become available. Please pass the time naming YOUR favorite Popes in the comments below!